The rise of women leaders and the decay of old leadership models present a golden opportunity for women to pioneer new leadership models that can make organizations thrive while being more human and having a wider positive impact on the world. For women to pioneer new models, they must find their way into senior leadership positions. And though there are systematic barriers that women need to overcome, some of the most challenging barriers are self-imposed.

This workshop addresses three critical areas of leadership development

• Executive Presence
• Communication
• Vision

During this highly interactive workshop, we will explore key thinking strategies and behaviors that successful women leaders exhibit in each area. We will also look into common patterns that women tend to fall into, that can sabotage their leadership progress.

Together we will go on a transformational learning journey using leadership concepts, role models, group work, and individual reflection to unpack personal thinking strategies and behavior in each area, understanding the deeper layers triggering a specific behavior. We will guide participants through group exercises and processes to identify areas of improvement and design a personal leadership development action plan.

During this workshop, participants will

• Explore the development of prevalent leadership models, including women’s leadership.
• Take a deep dive into three critical areas of leadership development: executive presence, communication, and vision.
• Map current participant’s leadership style across the three areas of leadership and discover where one may be off-balance.
• Learn strategies and behaviors of renowned women leaders who excel in those three key areas.
• Find participant’s authentic leadership style in each of the areas and identify development goals to bring more balance for quicker sustainable progress.
• Develop a personal leadership development action plan.
• Connect with a supportive network of women on a similar journey, inspire and get inspired, learn, share stories and create new visions.

• How did they balance their authenticity within the contexts and cultures they operated in?
• What was their unique embodiment of their leadership power, and what choices did they make to own their vision, voice, and presence?

A Leadership and Organizational Culture coach and advisor, a seasoned executive, an active board member, a technologist, and a passionate mentor.

An adjunct faculty member with The University of Strathclyde Business School, with focus on leadership, women leadership, entrepreneurship, and inclusive organizational cultures. NLP Master Practitioner, a certified executive coach with Stakeholder centered coaching and trained in positive intelligence, somatic coaching, archetypes and systemic coaching.

Founder and lead coach of Lead For Impact, an international coaching and consulting company based in California that aspires to expand consciousness within organizations. Lead For Impact does that by studying and modelling successful leaders and organizations that show commitment to both high performance and purpose; and by bringing the mindsets, strategies, and practices to leaders and organizations through coaching, consulting, and teaching.

25 years+ of experience in the Tech Industry in the Middle East, Part of which was taking a start-up from seed to become a regional player and holding several executive roles. Nada holds an MBA from Strathclyde University in the UK and a BS in Computer Science from American University of Beirut.


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