You are the shaper of our legacy for the future Expand, develop a healthy personal lifestyle while making an impact globally Tap into your inner resources to emerge from a place of purpose, joy and alignment Driving consistent growth and prosperity through deep alignment between organizational and individual synergies Co-envisioning, co-creation, innovation and personal growth at the heart of your organizational culture

Lead For Impact is a coaching and consulting company based in California and dedicated to helping leaders and organizations take their impact to the next level


We have a firm belief that organizations need new ways of operating and contributing to the world while integrating balance, profit and purpose.

Our unique approach stems from a number of principles:

  • Leadership development is an inside-out-job
  • A new model for organizational culture is needed to meet the needs of the future
  • Experiential-based programs and services are critical to ensure high levels of engagement
  • Integration of various modalities: executive coaching, NLP, neuroscience, archetypes and systematic coaching can deliver multiple benefits for both the individual and the organization

Nada Khorchid is a leadership and organizational culture coach and advisor, a seasoned CEO and COO, an active board member, a technologist, and a passionate mentor.

At the core of my work is a belief that for organizations to contribute more positively to our human evolution, a paradigm shift is needed – a shift that brings more consciousness and heart into the corporate world.


Coaching for Impact

We facilitate the conscious growth of senior and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents.

Our approach focuses on achieving tangible and measurable results by addressing limiting stories, mindsets, behaviors and beliefs to ensure long-term sustainable individual and organizational transformation.
Your success as a leader reflects what is happening in your inner world. The shortest way to improve your leadership is by looking at what is not working in your outer world. We partner with you to explore the root causes for challenges you confront. We help you and your organization adopt new strategies, and we measure your progress by looking at how your performance as a leader has improved.

Individual Coaching

Organizational Consulting

We work with for-profit and non-profit organizations to create a culture that allows people to co-envision, co-create, innovate, and grow in meaningful ways.

We work with organizations to uncover the culture at play, assess the current gaps limiting its growth or resilience. We design a roadmap customized for the cultural shift needed in your organization, and we develop practical interventions and programs to achieve desired results for your cultural transformation.

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Programs and Workshops

Our programs and workshops are designed to support high-potential men and women going through personal, leadership and mindset transformation. We support high-achievers looking to work on a personal or professional challenge that is blocking their progress to reach new heights, making them feel stuck, or stopping them from living a balanced life of purpose.

We partner with experts across diverse fields to deliver unique experiential leadership development programs that meet your organizational needs.

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Women Coaching Circle

A space for women leaders to get inspired, share their challenges, intentions and aspirations.
The Women’s Coaching Circle is a gathering of like-minded women who seek the space to share their intentions, challenges, and aspirations in a private supportive circle. The circle invites women in leadership roles or aspiring to be leaders to join and work on a personal challenge that blocks their progress, making them feel stuck, or stopping them from living a balanced life of purpose. The circle will listen, empathize, intrigue, encourage, and help in bringing a new perspective.

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Nadine Sawaya, Software Department Manager - Tech IndustryCaroline Ismail, General Manager - FoodArtConceptJ.R. Business Development, Manager - Tech IndustryI.M. Communications & Sustainability Manager - Banking IndustryAisha Habli, Business Manager - Tech Industry
Thank you, Nada, for your support & eye-opening discussions and techniques. I may be the slowest in response or in attempting to shake the burdens out of the old me, and I understand I still have a lot to do; yet your coaching and guidelines have been the sparks to get me to stand up and reflect on the whats, hows and where to?
Nadine Sawaya, Software Department Manager - Tech Industry
Deep in our hearts and brains, too busy dealing with life challenges, relies some unsolved frustrations. I believed I had a clear set of goals, yet I realized that I confused my business goals with life goals as an Entrepreneur. Nada's sessions brought me: logic, peace, and, most crucial: self-love. Her tone is so welcoming; her listening powers and the capabilities to suggest a new hypothesis made me realize the importance of having her in my life. Nada's is only a guide, but only one person can heal oneself. From the deep of our hearts, thank you, Nada.
Caroline Ismail, General Manager - FoodArtConcept
Throughout the recent COVID-19, I had the chance to join Nada's Women Coaching Circle. The circle consisted of women from different experiences who discuss obstacles they have faced in the workplace. Nada was proactive in understanding, in-depth, the root of each of our hindrances & guided us through various exercises, ways to overcome these hindrances through self-reflection. The Women in the circle are women I have come to admire; they have fantastic career paths and simply seek direction during an intersection. I believe in the power of coaching circles to empower women all over the world. I want to thank Nada for making me see clearly that I am an individual, a Woman, with many capabilities & that I can endure whatever life has to throw at me.
J.R. Business Development, Manager - Tech Industry
"If you are at a crossroad of your life and you feel that you want to share that special energy to serve with passion, Nada will let you discover your true self, your purpose and bring you to a higher level." Nada's approach is so genuine that it puts one at ease quickly. Her questions are straightforward but don't come across as intruding; it is more of an exciting conversation with a friend who challenged me to reflect and understand myself on a deeper level.
I.M. Communications & Sustainability Manager - Banking Industry
2020 presented itself as the most challenging year in my life. Everything was entangled: who I am didn't match who I presented myself to be; I felt stuck in my career and that there's absolutely no way around it. Nada so elegantly provided a platform to question, to look deeper within, and to re-assess my self-worth, value, desires, and courage. With Nada's guidance I untangled the big roadblocks in my head. I cleared out a roadmap and even built steps forward. It was absolute magic seeing myself move from one state to another, from one milestone to another. Today, I am making important career and relationship steps, I know how I feel and I know how to communicate it.
Aisha Habli, Business Manager - Tech Industry


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