We work with organizations

to create a culture that allows people to co-envision, co-create, innovate, and grow in meaningful ways.



Uncover the real organizational culture at play


Assess the current gaps in the corporate culture that are limiting its growth or its resilience


Design a roadmap customized for the cultural shift needed


Design formal and informal interventions and programs that can be integrated within running organizational processes and projects to achieve needed cultural shifts


Support the evaluation of the change of your internal culture through periodic monitoring and evaluation




The focus is on dealing with a challenge through understanding the needs, fears, and aspirations of people affected.

Iterative Solutions:

An agile methodology is used to undertake team consultation to design iterative steps towards resolving a cultural challenge. After every step, dynamics are revisited, and the plan is adjusted as needed.

Stakeholder Inclusive:

All stakeholders are involved: Change is co-designed, co-owned, and co-created by people involved. A safe space is held for people to communicate authentically to address hidden core issues and to take responsibility for needed change.

On-the-job Change:

Cultural shifts are introduced through interventions within projects the organization is working on. Cultural change is best internalized through daily work and not theoretical approaches.

Leadership Growth:

Cultures are a reflection of the beliefs and behaviors of leaders. Focus on assessing the current leadership style and shifts needed to bring in the desired culture.

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