Founder and Lead Coach

Nada Khorchid is a leadership and organizational culture coach and advisor, a seasoned CEO and COO, an active board member, a technologist, and a passionate mentor.

I work with leaders to expand their impact and with organizations to transform their culture for healthier outcomes. My approach focuses on achieving tangible and measurable results while addressing limiting stories, mindsets, and beliefs to ensure long-term sustainable change.

My commitment is to work with high-potential leaders and organizations looking to expand their positive impact globally and who are willing to do the inner work and take the bold steps to transform.

During my 25+ years of experience, I coached and mentored team members, managers, entrepreneurs, and executives going through transformation.

As a COO and CEO, my edge was my ability to create environments that motivate people to become high-performers and teams to co-envision, co-create, innovate, and grow in meaningful ways.

Part of my professional journey was taking a start-up from seed to become a regional player in the tech industry. That journey gave me a keen understanding of diverse professional and cultural contexts and the ability to understand the needs of different stakeholders. My extensive experience in the Middle East and Africa allowed me to develop the necessary skills needed by leaders to navigate uncertainty effectively and to manage challenging economic times.

My personal transformation journey provided me with the tools and processes that allowed me to come back to my authentic self, to find my inner gifts and to understand how I can use them to leave a positive and lasting impact.

I hold an MBA from Strathclyde University in the UK.
I am a certified Leadership and Executive Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. I am a certified NLP Practitioner, and I trained in Embodiment leadership and somatic coaching.

At the core of my work is a belief that for organizations to contribute more positively to our human evolution, a paradigm shift is needed – a shift that brings more consciousness and heart into the corporate world.