Our Mission

Lead For Impact is a coaching and consulting company based in California and dedicated to helping leaders and organizations take their impact to the next level.

We facilitate the conscious growth of leaders by transcending limiting stories, mindsets, beliefs and behaviors that are limiting their impact in the world. We work with senior and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents to help them sustain their sense of purpose, joy, and alignment while they are expanding their creation in the world.

We work with for-profit and non-profit organizations to create a culture that allows people to co-envision, co -create, innovate, and grow in meaningful ways.

We have a firm belief that organizations need new ways of operating and contributing to the world while integrating balance, profit and purpose.

We have a systematic approach to looking at conflict within organizations and teams where we address both the individual and the system’s needs.

Our unique approach stems from several principles:

  • Leadership development is an inside-out-job
  • A new model for organizational culture is needed to meet the needs of the future
  • Experiential-based programs and services are critical to ensure high levels of engagement
  • Integration of various modalities: executive coaching, NLP, neuroscience, archetypes, and systematic coaching can deliver multiple benefits for both the individual and the organization